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Alessio B. / Street Artist

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Alessio B. / Street Artist


Born in Padua (IT) Alessio-B is a street artist who creates unique scenes, often with a message of peace and love.

It all started during his years of architecture study in Venice and his numerous trips to Europe, between Paris and London, where he gots to know the works of Blek Le Rat and Banksy. It doesn’t take long for them to influence his style and his willingness to take the road to the world of street art.

Alessio-B has collaborated and exhibited his work with numerous art galleries in Italy and in Europe and the rest of the world, also starting collaborations with influential big brands.


2013 Venice Biennale – Back2Back event dedicated to street art.

2014 LaFayette PARIS Galleries – Presentation Trolley Roncato by Alessio-B

2014 Gallerie Barbette PARIS (FR) – Personal

2014 NUNC Galleries Grenoble (FR) – Personal + book presentation

2014 WATH_AAH! TAKING BACK THE STREET New York (USA) – Collective

2015 URBAN NATION “CUT IT OUT” Berlin (GER) – Collective

2015 GRAFFIK GALLERY London (UK) – Collective

2015 NICOLE HENRY ART GALLERY – Palm Beach FLORIDA (USA) – Collective

2015 BUGNO ART GALLERY Venice (IT) – Personal


2015 Gallerie V.SMAGGHE Paris (FR) – Personal

2015 NUNC Paris Galleries (FR) – Personal


2017 URBANWALLS Rome (IT) Collective


2017 URBAN NATION – MUSEUM STREETART BERLIN (permanent artwork at the museum)

2019 VALVERDE GALLERY – Brussels


2019 Biennale StreetArt “SUPERWALLS” Padua

Clubino and Clubino Art – This year the Clubino restaurant is completely renovated on the outdoor terrace, a sophisticated space where design and art mingles to create a unique space to indulge in the pleasures of life.
FRAGILE the mural created by street artist Alessio-b decorates the wall of the Clubino Art terrace.
“Everyone values you for what you look like. Few understand what you are… ” N. Machiavelli
Beyond the (fragile) ribbon is the hole in the wall that represents what you are.
Few people really know who you are…

CREW ART (street art at work) – The animation space is transformed into a backdrop for the creation of a “mural” that will be created step by step throughout the summer season, with the participation of street artists and the involvement of guests who will be able to participate in the realization of the work and enjoy an artistic experience on the field. Romero Britto, the Brazilian neo-pop artist, and Keith Haring, the icon of the New York City street art, are the two artists chosen to inspire and engage the young guests.

“I wanted intensity from my art and I wanted intensity for my life.
I had begun to be interested and fascinated by the graffiti I was seeing in the streets and in the subway. Graffiti were the most beautiful things I ever saw.
I want to let people experience art without having to feel inhibited”
– Keith Haring’s Diaries

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