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Nature, art and design for the most comfortable vacation

A 24 sqm covered terrace furnished with table and chairs and 32 sqm of accommodation with an innovative design and all the comforts, like an apartment in the center of a metropolis. This is what Aquolina offers, one of the novelties of the 2023 season at Malibu Village. The new habitat can accommodate up to six people and promises to give its guests unique sensations. All comforts are provided. The living area and the cooking area are equipped with the latest generation technological devices, as are the sleeping areas. In all habitats there is a wi-fi internet connection which allows you to always stay connected to the world. At Malibu Beach Village, however, time can also slow down and you can grant a break from the frenzy of city life characterized by tight work schedules, appointments and non-stop commitments. The habitat thus becomes the place where you can stop, fully breathe the sea breeze that is there, a stone’s throw away, and come into direct contact with the nature in which the structure is immersed. Without forgetting the art that is combined with comfort and relaxation: the Malibu Beach Village is in fact an open-air gallery that inebriates all the senses with its artistic experiences and offers total involvement.