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  /  Booking Terms and Conditions


– The booking is personal and as such, it is considered valid only for the person in the name of whom it has been made. The name changing of the booking is not allowed once the deposit has been paid

– The guest who receives the booking offer and/or confirmation must check its content and immediately inform the booking office in case of mistakes especially regarding arrival and departure dates, accommodation type, extra services and amount of people

– Upon receipt of the deposit a booking confirmation is issued and sent

– The balance must be paid before the arrival date by bank transfer or credit card or at latest on the arrival day at the cash desk. Guests are required to take note of the reception and cash-desk hours. The count of the days of stay is based on the number of nights, regardless of the time of arrival. The payment receipt must be displayed to the control personnel at the time of exit

– The tourist tax is not included in the quotation of the booking

– The total amount of the reserved period is due even in case of delayed arrival and/or early departure. If you leave your accommodation earlier than booked, Malibu Beach reserves the right to rent your place without any right to compensation

– With no communication of delay, the reservation will be automatically cancelled at 12:00 pm on the following day of the scheduled arrival, the deposit withheld, and the accommodation will be no more be available

Cancellations notified in writing at least 20 days before the scheduled arrival date entitles you to the deposit’s return, net of booking fees. After this time, the deposit will be withheld in full and any further down payments made (in addition to the deposit) will be refunded net of booking fees

Pets of any kind are not allowed

– The maximum capacity of the booked accommodation, or pitch, cannot be exceeded. Children of any age are included in the calculation of this number

Minors are not allowed unless accompanied, for the entire duration of the stay, by an adult as a responsible and reference person, able to stand in for the parents for any possible event concerning the minor. For minors without parents, a delegation of trust is required with the parents’ signature and a copy of their document (ask for the form at our booking office)

People who join the accommodation, or pitch, later than check-in can only be registered if authorized by the holder of the reservation by communication to the reception staff

– To enter and stay at Malibu Beach all guests must be registered. As foreseen by law, all family or crew members, regardless of age, must present a valid document upon check-in. Without the original document check-in cannot be carried out and therefore access to the resort is not allowed. Each guest will be given a bracelet that will be worn for the entire stay and returned at departure

– On the day of arrival, pitches can be occupied from 12 noon and the day of departure must be vacated by 12 noon. Later departures will be charged a further day. Guests can choose their own pitch following the personnel’s directions. Pitches may only be changed with the Management’s permission. Pitches may not be occupied by more than six people and only one motorhome/caravan may be placed on one pitch. Motorhomes are not entitled to a parking spot, unless prior permission is obtained from the Management. Guests occupying the pitches can anchor their equipment (awnings, verandas, covers, etc.) exclusively on the ground and/or to their motorhome or caravan. In no case may plants or structures belonging to Malibu Beach be used for this purpose. Only motor homes and caravans are accepted. Tents of any size and shape, tent trailers and folding caravans, even if with registration plates, are not allowed.

– On the day of arrival, the keys of the lodgings are guaranteed within 5:00 pm and the day of departure the accommodation must be vacated by 10:00 am otherwise one extra night will be charged. The reservation holder must check if all the equipment in the accommodation is properly kept; any fault must be promptly communicated to the Reception for maintenance purposes. The reservation holder shall be liable for any faults and must pay for damages in the event of breakages or shortages. Upon departure the lodging must be left tidy, the dishes washed, the floor swept, and the garbage thrown in the recycling bins.

– For each lodging, there is one parking lot included in the price. Trolleys, trailers and the like must be parked outside, in a designated area

– The number of the assigned accommodation, or pitch, is not guaranteed and will be communicated at check-in. For organizational reasons, the booking office reserves the right to change the accommodation number and its position within the village at any time without previous notice

The sending of the deposit on the part of customers implies acceptance of the booking, of the booking terms and conditions, of the camping regulations and of the price


Pets of any kind are not allowed

– The assigned pitch cannot be changed without the permission of the office personnel. For hygienic reasons, guests are requested to keep their pitches clean and in order. Guests are required to place their motorhome or caravan and car within the boundaries of the assigned pitch

– For the peace and safety of all, cars, motorbikes, or any other vehicle must be used as little as possible. Vehicles should be driven at walking pace and used only to enter or leave the village.

– Motor vehicles are not allowed to circulate during the rest hours from 1 to 3 pm and from midnight to 7 am. During these times, the maximum silence must be respected. At any time of the day all guests must RESPECT other guests’ QUIET. Guests are asked to avoid shouting and any other behaviour that may cause annoyance to other guests. Radio and television equipment must be used at a volume that does not cause any disturbance and should remain off from 24:00 to 7:00

Children must always be supervised. Parents are directly responsible for their children and must accompany them when using showers, toilets, beach, swimming pool and the playground. The Management has no liability

Daily visitors are not allowed

– Despite the site is always under surveillance, the Management shall not be liable for any thefts or losses. Guests must look after their own personal property

– The Management shall not be liable for any vandalism or accidents caused by third parties and damage to things or people deriving from natural disasters

– In the event of a lack of electricity, water, or similar inconveniences due to force majeure, such as repairs attributable or not attributable to the management, no amount will be compensated

– It is strictly forbidden:
– to use the swimming pools during closing time
– to erect fences; any unauthorized equipment will be removed without prior notice
– to use or set up tents of any size near the lodgings, on the pitches nor on any other area of the site or beach
– to plant sun umbrellas anywhere in the site
– to hang ropes at head height, tie sheets or any type of cover to trees. Guests occupying the pitches can anchor their equipment (awnings, verandas, covers, etc.) exclusively on the ground and/or to their motorhome or caravan. In no case may plants or structures belonging to Malibu Beach be used for this purpose
– to damage trees, plants or equipment belonging to Malibu Beach
– to dig ditches or pits
– to pour hot, salty or waste liquids onto the ground
– to light fires or use mosquito-repellent coils or any naked flames (candles, mosquito repellent candles, etc.)
– to smoke inside the accommodation
– it is forbidden to hold any type of fuel or flammable substance
– to damage electrical systems and to use and/or hang electrical cables with light bulbs or other devices outside the lodgings
– to introduce firearms of any kind and other offensive objects
exhibit banners, posters, or other material that may affect the susceptibility of others
for guests, to use any type of drones in any part of the resort
– All rubbish must be disposed of in the recycling containers
– The washing and the washing up must be done in the designed washbasins and sinks
Washbasins, sinks and showers should be used and left in the conditions you would like to find them
– It is forbidden to wash cars inside the site
– Wood/charcoal and gas barbecues are not allowed. Only the use of electric barbecue is permitted. Only cooking appliances complying with community standards, CE marked and fitted with all safety features provided by the manufacturer may be used. Cooking devices must provide a minimum safe distance from canvas and other combustible elements of at least 2 metres and must be constantly monitored during use. In any case, the use of the grill is only allowed in the atmospheric conditions such that it does not represent danger and annoyance

– The use of any equipment will be at risk and danger of the users

– To avoid unnecessary waste, it is recommended not to run the water for domestic purposes unless strictly necessary

– Every infectious disease must immediately be notified to the Management or the doctor

– The personnel could check the ELECTRICAL SYSTEM at any times. The tripolar watertight cable with earth is mandatory (according to C.E.E. rules)

– The Management reserves the right to have campers’ air conditioners switched off if they cause annoyance to other guests

– If the number of persons staying in the lodging or pitch exceeds the number stated at check-in, the Management will apply the daily rate, increased by 100%, to any unrecognized person, starting from the day of registration and consequently the entire group will be forced to leave

– Anyone who wants to complain about the behavior of other guests is asked to report to the Manager who will respond appropriately. The Management reserves the right to force to leave any person liable for acts of vandalism, harassment, or breach of this regulation. Offenders will be reported to the Public Authorities when necessary

– Anyone who is found to be drunk or to commit acts of vandalism, theft, harassment, violation of these rules, in the use of the swimming pool during the closing hours, or causes whatever kind of disturbance by his/her behaviour will be immediately expelled from the resort and, if the case, will be reported to the Public Authority

Objects found in the site must be delivered to the Police or to the personnel so that they can be returned to the legitimate owner

– It is forbidden to park motor vehicles near the restaurant and outside the designated areas

– Access to the swimming pool is allowed only without shoes and after walking through the foot washbasin

– In order to maintain an orderly and clean condition and allow everyone to enjoy a pleasant view of the surrounding environment and shared spaces, we kindly ask you to respect the following guidelines:
– Do not plant sun umbrellas or any other shading structure
Park your car in the assigned parking lot marked with the number of your accommodation
Do not take outside any items of furniture (benches, armchairs, tables, sofas, etc.)
– do not take tables, chairs or other items belonging to the accommodation outside; assembled dining tables for large group of people are not allowed
– The drying racks provided in each lodging must be used to hang clothes. In no case should alternative solutions be used, such as the use of wires and ropes hanging from the accommodation or plants. If required, an additional drying rack can be requested at the reception
– On the common spaces only towels, sunbeds and inflatable mattresses are allowed, which, like any other object, should be removed when not in use and overnight
Hammocks are not allowed
– Do not tie any kind of rope to plants, poles, or other types of support. A stretched string at any height is a danger and if not seen it can cause serious injury to people

– The Management reserves the right to have modified or removed any equipment if not in compliance with the site’s rules or the safety rules. The village staff is entitled to remove the customers’ property also

– Access to the Malibu Beach involves the acceptance and full observance of these rules that may be supplemented by additional instructions that the Management will consider necessary

These rules enforce restrictions, which are fully justified by their purpose, which is to create better conditions for civilized coexistence. We are confident that compliance with this regulation will ensure that all our guests enjoy a holiday lived in mutual respect.