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Malibu Beach Village looks to the future by transforming itself into an open-air contemporary art gallery: an Urban Art Oasis that brings the artistic ferment of metropolitan life on vacation.

Malibu Beach Village creates a new dimension of life in which Art, Nature and the cultural melting pot of urban life overlap for a multisensory aesthetic experience.

The Village opens its doors to international artists and young promises of contemporary art not only to exhibit their artworks, but also to create them specifically within the Village.

Sculptures, murals, installations, photo galleries and live performances blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. With the phenomenon of Yarn Bombing, trees “dress” in colorful clothes, in a combination of the creative energy of art with the nature.

Zero Mentale | Alessio B

Blow and Sinapsi

Installation created by a combo of Zero Mentale and Alessio B.

Liceo Artistico Marco Polo


Installation created by a group of students from the Artistic High School of Venice.

Street Art at Work

Crew Art

Crew Art (street art at work) – The animation space is transformed into a backdrop for the creation of a “mural”…

Alessio B.


FRAGILE – the mural created by street artist Alessio B. decorates the wall of the Clubino Art terrace…

Anna Socci e Sonia Uniati

Scatti Fotografici

An artistic intervention has been carried out in the new Mobile Homes: the shots of photographers Anna Socci and Sonia Uniati, follow each other across the wall in the bedrooms of the houses…

Simona M. Favrin

Flight of wings

The “Flight of wings” installation curated by Simona M. Favrin with e-gardening develops on the dunes that protect and welcome the beautiful terraces of the new seafront Mobile Homes.

Simona M. Favrin

White wind

“White Wind” is an installation that develops along the 60 meters of the artificial dune that runs along the avenue that leads to the sea…

Fabiola Floris

Yarn Bombing

It is a project with Yarn Bombing that declines, in the open-air reception spaces, the art of crocheting as a creative means to regain possession of the common spaces and wrap them with color…

Artisti Urban Art

Zero Mentale

Zero Mentale is an artist born in Padova in 1972. After graduating from the P. Selvatico Institute of Art…

Liceo Artistico Marco Polo

The path of the artistic high school is focused on the study of aesthetic phenomena and artistic practice. It promotes…

Anna Socci

I was born and raised where the sea ends and the sun is born, where the fiery red of the sunset invades people’s eyes…

Sonia Uniati

I have no romantic stories to tell about how my passion for photography was born…

Alessio B.

Born in Padua (ITֹ) Alessio-B is a street artist who creates unique scenes, often with a message of peace and love…

Simona Favrin

Simona Favrin deals with the design of indoor and outdoor spaces, with a predilection for the design of greenery and water…

Fabiola Floris

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