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Malibu Beach Village, never again without art on vacation

Art, nature and the social melting pot typical of large cities come together to give life to a new idea of ​​vacation.

Andy Warhol strongly believed that art did not “deserve” to be confined within the walls of museums and that no human being, for nothing in the world, should ever be deprived of it. Al Malibu Beach Village the intuitions of the pop art founder come true: the In fact, a new generation village looks to the future, transforming itself into an open-air contemporary art gallery where spaces are also designed to offer engaging aesthetic experiences. This is why it is described as an Urban Art Oasis, a place that combines the comfort and relaxation of a holiday with the artistic ferment of the metropolis.

Every place is a work of art

Sculptures, murals, installations, photographic itineraries and live performances pervade the Village and enter the lives of guests at any time.

With a Crew Art (street art at work) project created by the world-famous street painter Alessio B., the animation space is decorated with a special “mural”, colored by children. The creative has in fact traced the contours of enormous drawings by Romero Britto, a Brazilian neo-pop artist, and Keith Haring, an icon of New York street art, within which many young guests of the village have been able and can continue to express their creativity.

The same artist also created “FRAGILE”, the graffiti that decorates the wall of the restaurant terrace Clubino Art, to remind us of the fragility of certainties in which human beings sometimes tend to barricade themselves.

The absolute novelty is represented by the attention of the village towards the Yarn Bombing, literally “explosion of yarns”, a type of street art that colors the environment with knitted or crochet artifacts. This form of art was born in the streets of the United States in 2005, an international movement that colors cities, “dressing” them with installations in wool and cotton to convey pacifist and positive messages. Street furniture, statues, trees and more can be covered, giving the environment a joyful and colorful character.

In the new Mobile Homes, however, the shots of the photographers Anna Socci and Sonia Uniati, follow each other across the wall while the green areas are adorned with butterflies (for the installation “Flight of wings”) and pinwheels (“White wind”) that blend into the environment, like real flowers or butterflies, making it delicate and enveloping. The installations are curated by the architect and designer Simona M. Favrin with e-gardening.

The full fusion of art with the environment is also perceived in the project of MyEquilibria, an open-air gym whose design recalls the natural elements in line with the “green” philosophy of the Village; a large white metal “tree” captures the attention in the context of a structure designed for free body workouts to be practiced in direct contact with nature.

Art is breathed in and… cultivated

The doors of Malibu are open to artists on the international scene and young promises of contemporary art. In fact, the village promotes the growth of art and the search for new talents, in all sectors, without limiting creativity. With an easy format to fill out online, it offers the possibility to all artists who wish to collaborate to apply with their own project or ad hoc idea (to collaborate, click here).

Artists at Malibu

Alessio B. is one of the most popular street artists on the Italian scene. Born in Padua in 1971, a great connoisseur of the work of Bleck le rat and Banksy, he brought his artworks to all the great European capitals, especially Paris and Berlin, and as far as Florida, New York and Korea. He is known for the representation of children holding hands, drawing hearts on the wall or looking at the starry sky and underlining pacifist messages aimed at a better future. In 2013 he exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, in 2015 at the Cut it Out international event in Berlin, in 2017 he inaugurated the Urban Nation museum in Berlin and the Urban Art section of the Paris Art Fair-Art Elisees, then the Gallery Civica Cavour of Padua.

Anna Socci and Sonia Uniati are professional photographers and creators while Simona Favrin brings her ability to design indoor and outdoor spaces to the village, experimenting with the combination of water and glass. Favrin is a passionate architect and expert in artistic glass, with in-depth knowledge of the methods and techniques of production in the field of glass design.